The MANDATE and your Business

EMV Payment Systems is founded on the principle of preparing business owners for the drastic changes to the credit card processing industry, set to go into effect over the next several years. If you are running a business in today’s environment, fraud and potential losses are real dangers. It is vital for you to understand the changes that have been mandated by the card associations.

The migration from the magnetic credit card stripe to the Integrated Circuit Cards (Smart Cards or Chip Cards) is the largest overhaul since the introduction of the magnetic stripe to the credit card industry in the early 1970’s. This level of change may sound daunting to businesses of all sizes, and without the proper support it certainly could be.

However, EMV Payment Systems is properly equipped to guide your business through the process, even as it changes and evolves. Step number 1 is simply to speak to one of our representatives in regards to how the mandate may affect your business now and in the future.